The hottest trend for cool summer

The hottest trend for cool summer

thermal insulation

When the weather heats up, it can be tempting to turn your air conditioner up higher and higher. After all, it’s hot outside! But that’s not always the best solution to keep your space comfortable while also lowering your energy bills. That’s where blackout curtains come in handy. Blackout curtains work by covering all available light entry points into your house, preventing the sun’s heat from seeping into your home and forcing your air conditioning system to work less hard at cooling your living space. Read more about the benefits of using blackout curtains here

Our AP Blackout curtains are also known as sun-blocking curtains because they act as a protective barrier against the harmful heat waves and UV light radiations coming from the sun. Its opaque material reflects back the sunrays before it could enter your home! 

When the curtain serves purposes such as blackouts and anti-UV, they can also meet your needs for light control in many different rooms. We recommend buying blackout curtains in New Zealand because that’ll block out all those pesky rays! When a curtain has specialized functions, it can be beneficial in many different interior spaces. Even the furniture, floors and other indoor items exposed to direct sunlight for a long time will cause a series of problems such as fading or cracks. Today we want to introduce some curtains with heat-shielding and UV protection functions, which can effectively solve the previous problems.

Blackout Curtains:

As the name suggests, these are thick curtains that block sunlight and excessive heat from coming through windows. Many households have found themselves using blackout curtains for their convenience and many others have shared testimonies about how much they’ve benefitted them as well. 

These curtains offer professional-grade soundproofing and thermoregulation. The curtain features an eye-catching grommet design that offers extra benefits like privacy and air circulation without sacrificing style or quality. A side effect of this unique design is that it creates a chic, modern appearance for your space. Each piece is made using 100% polyester to ensure maximum durability while acting as an energy-efficient resource in helping air conditioners cool up a room faster and also, preserve the coolness longer. Additionally, during winters, these curtains help keep the rooms warmer.

At AP Curtain we use the Weave-based heat shielding process: This special weaving technique uses threads and woven fabrics to organize into intricate patterns for curtains with high-quality insulation properties. During summer, the curtains provide protection from the sun and allow you a cool night’s sleep. And during winter, these window coverings have an insulating effect that provides warmth so you can enjoy a cozy night’s rest.

thermal insulation

Insulated Curtain (Window Screens).
The symbol of the Japan Interior Decoration Association (NIF). The uniform logo signifies its effect on insulation. There are two types of weaving organisations for this fabric, which is either airtight or offers protection against infrared rays.
In order to conduct an air-tight test for this product, a specimen was installed in a laboratory at 1.5 times the original size to see how much air would pass through it. Results showed that there were few leaks when using thermal imaging methods once after 2 hours of exposure from radiation coming from outside the window and inside the room (-50°C – 20°C). (*Note* These images might differ due to date/temperature)
Insulation comparison between standard window screen(local area used) vs insulated window screen(benchmark heat insulation rate >25%)
>25% protection; significant effects on energy savings with 99.4% Shading Rate.

thermal insulation
thermal insulation

Sheer Curtains with UV Cut

Aside from blackout curtains, our sheer curtains are the key to managing natural light coming through your windows. They also help filter and control what kind of sunlight comes into your home – whether it is harsh or pleasant. With them on, you wouldn’t get the direct sun’s harmful UV rays into your home. They fill your room with soft ambient light, which is soothing to the eyes. 

Our sheer curtains collection also comes in many different materials and textures, so you’ll be able to find one that will suit your style. 

You can avoid bright glaring external lights and let mellow lights create their magic with these sheer curtains.

Our AP Sheer curtains with top technology allow the breeze to flow through and keep your window cool, away from the hot rays of summer. 

Ultraviolet Protection: The UV Protection Mark is displayed on products whose ultraviolet shielding rate meets the judgment standard (at least 70%). This will effectively shield people inside from exposure to dangerous levels of sun rays coming through windows and protect indoor items such as furniture and floors.

UV cut
UV cut
UV cut

For those who want their sunrooms, living rooms, or family rooms filled with sunshine but still maintain privacy there are several window treatments that let the light in without compromising privacy. Sheer is one such product which blocks out UV rays and provides a sense of privacy. Available in many designs it can be paired with a motorized curtain to create just the right ambiance for any given situation.

All of the above fabrics imported from Japan are available to pre-order at AP Curtain.

These curtains are easy to maintain as they don’t need ironing or hand washing. The care for these curtains is easy, too – all you need to do is machine wash and dry them after use! They can provide some much-needed privacy from prying eyes outside the window, which makes them perfect for those long summer days when heavy sunlight streams through windows at midday. Why wait until it’s convenient to invest in your own wellbeing? 

For more curtains and details of heat shielding and UV protection functions, please contact our expert consultants, thank you!

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