The Answer May Surprise You

The Answer May Surprise You

curtain touch the floor

Should Curtains Touch The Floor

The trend of the present day has been to put up long curtains in every room that you can think of, giving every interior an added warmth and a much needed air of classiness. But now this question begins to come about: How high should my curtains go? Should they be touching the ground or going up only slightly off the floor? What are people saying about it if I do make them go up higher than usual? This new trend has made some people think about whether or not the curtains can reach down to the floor and how this would affect how they look.

Curtains can be hung from the rod at a height of 1/2 inch (1.27 cm) off the ground. Though they will look like they’re grazing the ground, space is provided between the bottom of each panel and its contact with the ground so that it’s never touched or damaged during use. This not only protects them but also allows for easy floor cleanings. You might opt to have curtains hanging down a curtain rod for lengths ranging between 100-140 inches (254 cm – 355.6 cm) long (depending on whether you want them long enough to touch the floor). 

One might hang these over windows in order to provide some privacy while letting light filter through-but don’t worry if yours happens to brush against anything; there’s plenty of extra fabric weaved into these beauties just waiting for anything trying to disturb their tranquility! We recommend that three types of curtains are used when setting up window treatments

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Style 1: The curtains float above the ground

These fitted curtains can be seen as being both attractive and practical, making them perfect for either the living room or bedroom – they look equally great at hovering a half inch off the floor so people don’t accidentally brush against them while vacuuming. They also offer protection to the fabric when they’re hanging below eye level, and this style of curtain is best suited for cafes, kitchens and bathrooms. 

Style 2: The curtains touch the floor

The delicate fabric curtains fell just exact to the floor, which appears to be custom tailored. The measurements are precise and done with care; this curtain looks as if it was tailor-made for this space. Luxury curtains can cut light from entering a room by up to 70-90%. Those deep, fluffy curtains on the floor look beautiful—perfect for bedroom curtains! They add both beauty and volume to your home’s interior design while adding classiness to office spaces too.

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curtain touch the floor

Style 3: The curtains puffed on the floor

Curtain panels hung in this way give off a warm, cozy vibe. However, it does require some work to maintain the drapes and sometimes reposition them for cleaning purposes. This type of curtain style is called Puddle Finish because there is an excess amount of fabric pooled around the flooring – emulating the look of water spilling out onto concrete – which perfectly fits larger spaces such as dining rooms or living rooms.

We understand there is a whole world of options when it comes to window treatments. That’s why we take the time to find out about your needs before recommending a solution that’s perfect for you. It’s all about making sure you get what you want. Plus, with our extensive selection of European and Japanese fabrics, styles, textures and colors, we make it easy to create your dream home décor from room to room.

So come on in and let us show you something extraordinary!

curtain touch the floor
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