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Blackout Curtain – Villus

This Villus collecion with smooth and fine woven texture, has a velvet plain look in all matte, Morandi colors. The curtain fabric in this collection looks relaxing and elegant, creating a comfortable and minimalist style for your room.

Weaving a thin blackout layer between the fabric achieves a 99.9% blackout effect. It is very healthy to use in your house as it applies no coating or lining at the back. Only normal machine washing is required. 

Component: 100% Polyester


Wide Blackout Curtain -Villus

Wide Blackout Curtain Series


Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Dark Green, Dull green, Emerald, Green, Grey, Light Green, Light Grey, Maroon, Mocha, Pink, Red, Turquoise, White


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