Raising Curtains From The Benefits of Installing Top-Down/ Bottom-Up Honeycomb Blinds!

Raising Curtains From The Benefits of Installing Top-Down/ Bottom-Up Honeycomb Blinds!

Homeowners prioritise privacy when choosing window designs and accessories. Traditional blinds and curtains provide seclusion but little control. Top-down or bottom-up honeycomb blinds provide maximum isolation without losing natural light or design. If you are looking for the best honeycomb blinds in NZ, look no further than AP curtain. The provider assures using only modern technology and committing to offering professional advice, through which they aim to brighten up the lives of their customers.

Why are top-down or bottom-up honeycomb blinds gaining popularity? 

  • Custom privacy control:

The top-down or bottom-up honeycomb blinds provide complete privacy control. One can easily adjust the top and bottom of these blinds separately if looking for stylish ways to enjoy natural light while covering the bottom of the window for better privacy. In that case, you can customise your honeycomb blinds, which lets you adjust your window coverings to match your daily privacy needs.

  • Great energy efficiency:

Going in for honeycomb blinds in NZ with superior insulation helps keep indoor temperatures acceptable year-round. These blinds feature a hexagonal, honeycomb shape that adeptly traps air within, enhancing insulation. Moreover, honeycomb blinds come in both day and night versions, with the latter boasting an inner aluminum film layer for light-blocking and added thermal benefits. Moreover, controlling the blinds from the top and bottom allows one to maximise energy efficiency by blocking direct sunlight from the bottom and allowing natural light from the top. The arrangement reduces the need to install artificial air conditioners, even on hot summer days. Also, closing the top and bottom in winter can even lower those heating expenses.

  • Offers excellent outdoor views:

Another fantastic benefit of going for top-down or bottom-up honeycomb blinds in NZ is that they never block the outdoor views. If you want to alleviate your window area without stopping connecting with the outside world, the best way to achieve the same is by going for honeycomb blinds in NZ. You can enjoy the view from the top of your window while nicely covering the bottom for privacy. The variety is apt for residences with fantastic scenic or city views.

  • Offers natural light control:

Controlled light is much more relaxing than in fully dark areas, as it doesn’t affect the functionality of the users. Hence, the good news is that there is no need for a shady spot, and now you can easily control the quantity of natural light by nodding yes to the honeycomb blinds. So, create a well-lit, private area by opening the top and closing the bottom. These lighting options are appropriate for bathrooms and bedrooms that need plenty of light and privacy.

  • Offers credible pet/child safety:

In a household with small children or innocent pets, safety is of utmost importance. Being a parent, it is a must to go for safe window coverings. As we all know, the traditional blind cords can strangle, so those aren’t appropriate from a safety point of view. This is where the role of top-down and bottom-up honeycomb blinds comes in, which are cordless and easy to control and hence eliminate this risk. 

  • Add a chic and modern touch:

The top-down or bottom-up honeycomb blinds look super stylish while being highly functional. The honeycomb blinds in NZ have simple lines and are offered in wide range of colour options, making them a great addition to any room. Also, these honeycomb blinds matched both modern as well as traditional interiors.

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