Protection against UV radiation.


Mirror Sheer

Bright Private Soft

Features of Mirror Sheer

Even if the interior is brighter, it is difficult to see the interior through the window screens.
The mirror fibre treatment on the back of sheer can reflect light, prevent other people from viewing inside.

Common Sheer

During the day, the interior can be seen from the outside through common sheer.

Mirror Sheer

During the day, the interior cannot be seen from the outside through the mirror sheer.

Why choose us

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World Leading Curtain Technology

The permanent pressing technique offers long-lasting beautiful waves of curtains. Using advanced blackout curtain fabric means we do not need another blackout lining any more. Our one layer sheer can protect your privacy due to its design at the back of the fabric. We definitely bring evolutionary curtain products to our customers.

Premium customized curtains from Japan

Our goal is to provide our customers with excellent customer service and tailor-made solutions for various products. With our competitive pricing and professional service, we are confident that you will be pleased with the quality and our workmanship.

Free Consultation + Measurement + Installation

Book your personal in-home or showroom consultation with us. We will deliver a personalized service to you, including free consultation, measurement and installation — second to none all around.

5-Years Warranty

All our curtain products are manufactured through 16 steps under the strict quality control system. We are very proud of our products and offer 5-year warranty on all our curtains, blinds and tracks. ​

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