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AP curtain -A High Quality Brand From Japan

AP curtain have been working in curtains and blinds industry since 1997.
Our products sell in a variety of department stores in major cities in Japan and have earned significant positive feedback from the clients and customers. AP Curtain has been integrated into the Chinese market for more than 10 years.They have been widely trusted and loved by Chinese customers. The products sell in Japan and China, and now New Zealand.
The brand was created by famous fabric designers in Japan and blended with international elements and the latest interior designs and trends.
AP Curtain focus on developing various curtain patterns and functions independently and manage the whole manufacturing process under the Japanese Quality Control System. It aims to create and make innovative, fashionable and reliable curtains, sheers, blinds and related products for all customers.

Central Auckland Showroom

ap curtain
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ap curtain showroom
ap curtain showroom

Eastern Auckland Showroom


Our Showroom

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Delicate Craftsmanship & High Quality

The meticulous management process and strict quality supervision system are there to guarantee the production of perfect products.
Each of our factory products must go through 15 steps to meet the strict quality requirements.

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